Data and Analytics Experience

We are in the early years of a profound change in the way people and organizations perceive and make decisions about the world around them, brought about by explosive growth in both the sources and uses of digital data.  I have a unique combination of skills and experiences that are well suited for the multidisciplinary challenges of this data and analytics revolution.  I am an experienced lawyer, senior executive, and public-policy specialist, I understand the techniques, uses, and limitations of analytics, and I have extensive experience with both health data and government data, two of the most important and complex domains in the new data economy.

I am available to advise organizations on strategic uses of analytics, particularly in cases involving the acquisition, use, and sharing of healthcare or government data.  I can also provide counsel on legal and public policy issues raised by novel applications of data and analytic techniques.

Health Data

I have deep experience in the complex, fragmented world of health data.  For seven years I was the CEO of the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, a multi-stakeholder non-profit comprised of virtually every major healthcare organization in Massachusetts.  While at MHDC I spent seven years on the board (three as chair) of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, an early leader in deploying electronic health records and health information exchanges, and in the provision of data services for clinical quality measurement.  I also spent seven years on the board of NEHEN (the New England Healthcare Exchange Network), one of the oldest, largest, and most successful health information exchanges in the country.

During my time at MHDC I worked on dozens of private, state, and federal projects in the areas of health IT, health information exchange, health data, accountable care, payment reform, and administrative simplification.  MHDC has a long history selling data products derived from government health data, giving me hands-on experience in the data products business.  I have worked with every major provider and payer organization in the state, all of the Massachusetts healthcare associations, all of the major state and federal healthcare agencies, and many national entities such as the Office of the National Coordinator, the National Association of Health Data Organizations, the Regional All-Payer Health Information Council, the National Governors Association, The Joint Commission, and the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology.  I have served on the data release institutional review board for the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission since 1999 and for the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority since 2008.  In May, 2013, Governor Patrick appointed me as a Commissioner on the Group Insurance Commission, one of the pioneering health purchasers in the country in the use of health data to assess provider performance and to influence patient behavior.

As a result of this varied work, I have significant subject matter expertise in health data, health IT, health information exchange, and the state and federal laws and policies that relate to these areas.  I also have a substantial network of friends and colleagues in Massachusetts and around the country that are active in these fields.

Government Data

Government will influence the future course of the data economy in many traditional ways (legislation, regulation, standards setting, purchasing, and so on), and also in its new role as the primary source of open data.  Open data from government systems is a new type of economic resource, and I have extensive experience with government IT systems (from procurement and finance through operations and oversight) and with the laws and policies that govern public-sector data and records, which will play an important role in the evolving future of open data.

I have a master’s degree from the Kennedy School of Government and nearly 15 years of government experience, including work as the general counsel of the Massachusetts Information Technology Division, as a lawyer with the Executive Office for Administration and Finance, and as the executive director of a state authority that provided distance learning and Internet access services to schools, municipalities, and state agencies.  In addition to government employment, I have also provided consulting and legal services to several state agencies, I have served on many government boards and commissions, and I was a gubernatorial appointee of Gov. Romney and then Gov. Patrick on the Commonwealth’s Information Technology Advisory Board.  As noted above, I currently serve on the institutional review boards that evaluate data release requests for health data held by the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC) and the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, and I am currently a Commissioner on the GIC.

The Law and Policy of Data and Analytics

In addition to significant expertise with health data and government data, my long history working at the intersection of law, technology, and public policy has prepared me to navigate the novel legal and policy issues that invariably arise when organizations use data and analytics in creative ways.  The importance of law and policy in this area will continue to grow, as state and federal policymakers take note of the increasing share of economic activity being based on data and analytics.  Ultimately, public policy will have a very large influence on the “rules of the road,” and thus the viability of different business models, in the emerging data economy.

My experience in this area, in addition to that stated above, includes over 25 years as a lawyer and over 20 years working on technology issues while in senior positions at various government and non-profit organizations.  From my service years ago on the board of directors of the pioneering Boston Computer Society to my more recent work on the advisory board of the Massachusetts Advanced Cyber Security Center, I have a long history as a lawyer immersed in new technologies.  I have testified before the U.S. Senate about e-commerce legislation and the U.S. House of Representatives about broadband deployment policy.  I have also made several contributions to a research project at the MIT Media Lab that focuses on legal frameworks for personal data that can improve the liquidity and trust in personal data while also advancing privacy and individual autonomy.

My significant practical experience with data collection, use, and sharing enhances my ability to understand the legal and policy issues raised by advanced analytic activities.  Among other relevant disciplines, I have substantial experience with: information privacy and security, multi-stakeholder data collaborations, contract negotiations, data governance, intellectual property, change management, data ethics, and compliance with the growing patchwork of state and federal laws and regulations that apply to data users and uses.

Tools for Analytics and Informatics

In recent years I have taken many courses in statistics, data science, and data analysis, during the course of which I have learned R, Python, and Tableau.


I have an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government, a JD from Suffolk University, and a BA from Bates College.  I can be reached at